Fabulous Spanish Wines By An Online Wine Merchant From Norwich

Each year, fantastic wines leave Spain to travel around the world and are enjoyed by many. Spain is the third largest wine producing country in the world after France and Italy. Exportation has nearly doubled in the last five years partly due to the change in society in Spain after the death of dictator, Fransisco Franco in 1975, and strict quality control measures being put in place. These quality measures have helped put Spanish wines up there with wines produced from France and Italy.

There are nearly 70 wine regions throughout Spain growing 600 different grapes. One of the most famous Spanish wines are those of the Rioja region in northern Spain. Although it is said that wines from the Navarra region may well over take Riojas as the favourite as they are similar in quality but are more accessible in price.

When most people think of Spanish wines, they immediately think of Cava. They originated from the Catalonia region of Spain, although the name Cava wasn’t coined until the 70’s, and they are made in the same way as Champagnes from France. To tell if your Cava is authentic, check the cork which should boast a four pointed star.

Spain is also famous for its many vineyards open to the public. Wine tasting holidays are a great way to sample the delights of a range of new wines in a beautiful setting. There are 1200 vineyards in the Rioja

o visit.

The Priorat region in Catalonia has changed from being almost unknown to producing some of the most expensive and sought after wines in Spain. They have become so popular mainly due to the power and ripeness of the grapes giving a very distinctive taste.

As time goes on, I am excited to see what other wines emerge from Spain, adding to our palates and introducing us to new flavours. In the meantime, why not be brave and ask for different wines in restaurants and bars. Most will be happy to recommend new and different wines to you. Why not see which Spanish wines suit your palate the best?

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