Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

You can drink red wine worry free with these red wine stain removal tips. Whether it’s a stain on your carpet or on your clothing, these tips will help you remove those pesky red wine stains.

Removing Red Wine from Your Carpet

There are a number of every day household items that will help you remove a red wine stain from your carpet. Many of these products can help if the stain is still wet or even if the stain has dried.

If the stain is still wet, you can soak it up with talcum powder, corn start or even table salt. All these of these products are able to quickly soak up the red wine and easily remove it from your carpet.

After you apply one of these three products, you’ll want to give it time to soak up the wine. Leave it on there for a couple of hours at a minimum to make sure all of the wine is out. You can also leave it on overnight.

If the stain is already dry, then you’ll need to get the stain wet again. You can do this by using club soda. Pour the club soda on the stain and then use one of the three household products men

from Your Clothing

Removing red wine from clothing can be just as easy. When you spill red wine on your clothes, the first thing to remember is to gently blot the red wine, do not try to ‘rub’ it out. This will only make the red wine sink deeper into the clothing.

Club soda is the product that most people use successfully to get the red wine stain out of their clothing. It’s readily available, especially if you are in a restaurant.

You can also try talcum powder, corn start or even milk. Take a small amount of the product and either dab or pour some of the product on your clothing for it to begin soaking up the red wine.

You can also use the club soda to rewet the stain if it’s dry before you are able to treat it.

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