What Food Goes with Red Wine?

For years, there have been rules of what foods go best with wines. Many feel that beef is to only be paired with red wine and fish with white wines. However, the rules are slowly changing and have never stuck for some. Online stores like Wine Enthusiast and wine.com are great places to find out what foods go best with fine wines. Whether you are dining with those who stick closely to the rules or those who have no problem breaking them, there are some foods that will taste much better with this beverage.


A good steak, whether rare, medium rare or well done, pairs very well with red wine. The rich flavor of steaks as well as the richness of this protein filled meat is a great addition to any meal serving this drink. Some feel that it is best to cleanse the palette after a good steak, while others simply enjoy it with the aroma of steak and various cuts of beef. As an auxiliary tip, many have stated the the addition of freshly crushed peppercorns increase the sensitivity of taste buds and the red wine can enhance that physiological experience tenfold.

Pasta with Red Sauce

Many have always felt that hearty pastas with red or tomato sauces pair well with this beverage, however, not all agree with the reasons. So, many of these pastas dishes are paired with a meat sauce and the meat of choice is usually beef. However, many have pasta without the accompaniment of a meat sauce and say that the addition of the red sauce alone makes the dish a great pair for red wine. This is because the flavors and aromas in the pasta are very complime


When you have wine lovers over for a gathering, serving a cheese tray will always net good results. Cheese has been paired with this beverage for years, however, there are certain cheeses that go better with the red variety. Hard and hearty cheeses like parmigiano reggiano are great choices to supplement this drink. A few additional cheeses that work well with red wines are various cheddars, gruyere and swiss. Many feel that the acidity of cabernet sauvignon and merlot cuts through the sharp flavor of certain cheeses very well and that because these cheeses have sharp flavors, they can stand out well against the fruity flavor.

Many enjoy a glass of red wine on special occasions and from time to time in the home or with friends at small gatherings. It has been touted to have a medicinal effect and a bit from time to time has been said to be soothing for stomach ailments. Enjoying this beverage for these reasons and with the aforementioned foods will always net a great time.


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