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Japanese Whisky


Japan boasts of one of the youngest whisky industry in the world. The first distillery was established in 1923, and it is only in the last 30 years or so that its products have come to the attention of whisky drinkers other than the Japanese themselves.


The model for Japan’s whiskies is single malt Scotch, but there are other successful spirits as well, made in the tradition of blended scotch. The base is a mash of malted barley, dried in kilns fired with a little peat. Some of the brands are aged in used sherry or bourbon casks, like done in scotch; others are stored in heavily charred new American oak barrels, like the bourbon itself. Most of the distilleries buy in a proportion of unused Scottish spirit for blending in with the homemade whisky. The most famous brands are generally bottled at around 43% ABV.

Suntory, the major drinks company, which is involved in making of all sorts of drinks from classed-growth Bordeaux to the green melon liqueur Midori, is also the biggest producer of Japanese Whisky. Suntory produces almost three fourth of the country’s total whisky production. Nikka Company ranks after Suntory in production. The smaller producer Sanraku Ocean and Seagram’s also has a significant contribution in the production of Japanese whisky. In Japan, normally whisky is taken diluted with water. Scottish people like to have their whisky in 1:1 proportion; the Japanese prefer to take it with a lot of water, in tall glasses and with plenty of ice. This is the most denatured form of fine whisky, which is commonly taken, all over the world. In Japan whisky is drunk both as a aperitif and also as an accompaniment to food.


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