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Show Off Your Wines And Spirits With Lovely Glassware And Drinking Glasses

From day to day drinking through to special occasions the right glassware will enhance any occasion. Drinking glasses can be either basic such as pint glasses for beers and ciders or wine glasses for everyday use. Glassware such as cocktail glasses, whisky glasses, champagne glasses and shot glasses are more specialist and will complement occasions such as a party or celebration. Crystal glasses will make any occasion seem special.

Glassware wine glasses are also known as stemware obviously due to the look of the glass. Wine glasses are available for white or red wines. An ideal wine glass for red would have a rounder, wider bowl which allows increased oxidation and gives the red wine a well formed taste. Tall wine glasses with a wide bowl are ideal for full bodied wines such as Bordeaux as they direct the wine to the back of the mouth. Bigger or broader bowl drinking glasses would be ideal for more delicate red wines as it directs the wine to the tip of the tongue.

Other popular stemware comes in the form of champagne glasses or champagne flutes these are delicate very slender drinking glasses. The champagne glasses allow the bubbles in sparkling wines to stay in the glass giving a better taste and visual effect. Champagne glasses are designed like white wine glasses to be held by the stem so that the wine isn’t warmed by the hand.

Cocktail glasses are really fun pieces of glassware shaped to ensure that your cocktail glasses match your specific cocktail. They are ideal for parties, weddings and celebrations. There is also a trend towards having cocktails at dinner parties as a welcome drink with aperitifs. Whether you fancy a Martini, Capri, Margarita or Jazz Sling cocktail glasses that complement your drinks will be very much appreciated by your guests.

Drinking glasses that are crystal glasses are also available for wine and champagne. The crystal glasses are exquisite and offer sophisticated elegance. The clarity and presentation of your drinks will be enhanced by using crystal glasses.

For every day drinking beer glasses come in different styles and are offered in pint glasses or half pint. Beer glasses for parties and or dining occasions are also available in pilsner or stemmed glassware styles and can be used as beer glasses or for ciders and mixers. Nucleated drinking glasses are available in pint glasses or half pint these specially designed glasses give a good head to beer and maintain it’s effervescence.

Whisky Glasses and shot glasses tend to be used specifically for spirits or shorts or shooters. Shot glasses can be used for small amounts of shots such as tequila or as chasers in drinks. Whisky glasses tend to be squat tumblers with the capacity to add water, soda or mixers if required. Whisky glasses are sturdy and solid giving a sense of tradition.

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Roziae – Love’s Responsibilities

Baby I just want you to listen up, and cherish everyththing i’m about to say to you… take it to heart, if you have to …If you feel that you need to You give me a reason to love again to hug again I’m passionate about loving you if love is what’s up next for us Get lost in all of these emotions and drowned in a sorrow of lust I hate that I love you so much, and it hurts to say I don’t wanna just sex you up baby that’s whay I treat you a certain way.. All is well that ends well, but we will never end so our meaning well will forever begin In this river of lost love I should fish you out baby listen to me for I will never lie from this mouth You I can never do without This passion explodes deep inside our soul and we feel every bit of expression Listen to your heart, let it lead you to learn the right lessons and baby i’m your teacher your preacher breath me… Let it get down inside of you baby, conceive me do you believe in me? and she replies baby I believe you will never mislead me Baby listen to my soul rub against your heart, sounds good though I’m just a mad man, with mad feelings for a woman that I would show…. A good time Yeah, Wine and dine shower you with gifts because that ass is fine but even though your physical features are beautiful, baby you look better on the inside… And I hope you have me in mind When you ever think of a reason to smile and it makes me feel good, because i’m the one that caused that We’re not living in a fairy tale, this ain’t a <b>…</b>

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網路行銷百百種,許多人也都常問我一個問題:「為什麼我像其他人辦一樣的行銷活動,獎品送的還比別人好,可是效果卻比較人差呢?」其實這個問題很簡單:第一,雖然說行銷心法是通則,但是每一個行銷活動都是case by case,鮮少可以直接複製經驗就可以成功的;第二,也是主要原因,因為你不了解你目標客群的「社群參與度」

Social Technographics – 社群科技特徵圖譜

Social Technographics ,中文直譯在網客聖經一書裡被稱為「社群科技特徵圖譜」,通常會用一個階梯圖將消費者參與網路的程度做一個分類,因為嫌「社群科技特徵圖譜」,所以我在個人習慣中通常就簡稱這樣的分類為消費者的「社群參與度」。基本上我們可以將消費者依社群參與度深淺程度的不同,分為創作者(Creators)、評論者(Critics)、蒐集者(Collectors)、參加者(Joiners)、觀察者(Spectators)、化外者(Inactives)。關於這部份的分類法則,可以參考我在中小企業網路大學校 – 社群網站行銷中的課程,或是請參考下方的Slide:


不過可惜的是,目前Forrester所提供的Social Technographics Profile Tools,並沒有提供台灣的數據,但是其實你可以透過問卷的設計來去辨別你現有會員的社群參與度是如何,以方便制定你的網路行銷策略唷。