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Wine Aerator Comparison – The Different Types of Wine Aerator

The range of wine aerators available today can make it difficult to distinguish between the different types. The whole point of these devices, no matter what the brand, is to infuse your wine with air. Why? Because the process of infusing air is known to bring out the bouquet and flavors in your wine.

You will be amazed by the difference. A flat, harsh red is often turned into a smooth and tasty experience. In this article we will discuss wine aerator comparisons such as those appliances that fit to the top of the bottle and those that stand on your kitchen sideboard or dining room table.

The first type is known as an “on the bottle” device. These aerators fit to the top of your wine bottle usually by inserting a rubber bung to ensure a snug fit. The wine is then poured directly into the glass from the bottle. This achieves instant airing of your wine and the taste and color achieved is simply amazing.

Most of these types are made from plastic with the exception of the Soiree wine aerator. The Soiree has a unique dimple design which creates a series of lumps through the aerator. This ensures that the wine is exposed to as much air as possible through the aeration process. The Soiree is probably the best device in the category for on the bottle aerators for this very reason. Your wine is fully aerated rather than partially.

The second type of wine aerator is designed to be used on the table or a sideboard. Hence the name “table top” aerators. These aerators are best for those of us who like to decant a whole bottle of wine at a time. The large aeration funnels provide for maximum aeration of your wine which simply cannot be achieved with a on the bottle model. The table top models allow you to put a decanter or carafe under the aerator and then pour the wine through the aerator to your heart’s content.

The best aerator model in this class is the Vinturi wine aerator. Many people often ask me why. I give them a very simple answer, it works better than any other in this class. I have blind tested most of the models and have constantly found that the Vinturi comes out the best for ease of use and more importantly flavor and bouquet enhancement.

As you can see with this wine aerator comparison article, there are many considerations to bear in mind when choosing the right one for you.

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Johnnie Walker Whisky

Johnnie Walker Whisky is the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in the world, which is sold in almost every country with yearly sales of over 130 million bottles.

Johnnie Walker standard blends include green label, blue label, black label, gold label, red label, Johnnie Walker Swing and red & cola.

The Johnnie Walker Red Label blend, is much smoother and somewhat lighter than many of its contemporaries, as it retained the authentic flavour of traditional Scotch Whisky.

Johnnie Walker Black Label has an enigmatic character. The first sip leaves you with an overwhelming curiosity to discover more. As Black Label’s deep taste unfolds a myriad of flavours are revealed in several waves: first, there is an impression of silky richness; then deep and fruity foreground flavours give way to drier peaty nuances, followed by the complementary flavour tones of sweet vanilla and raisins. Recently released is the Johnnie Walker Black Label 100th Anniversary Collectors edition.

The Green Label is the newest addition to the Johnnie Walker portfolio. Introduced in 2004, Green Label is a pure malt scotch whisky, blended from four characteristic single malts (each at least 15 years old), which together create a balanced whisky evoking freshness and smoke.

Johnnie Walker Blue is heralded as the rarest and most exclusive blend. Released in 1992, Blue Label is the ultimate luxury Scotch Whisky and is created from the most unique and premium whiskies in the world. Blue Label is also known as the whisky for connoisseurs, and as such, each bottle is individually numbered.

Johnnie Walker Gold is a little more upscale, this particular blend boasts a smoky, caramel and vanilla aroma and a creamy, honeyed taste. This supremely scotch finishes with a light and lingering spiciness. Johnnie Walker Gold is a rare, fine Scotch blend that is still affordable to those that desire the Blue Label complexities. A must for any Scotch lover.

Every label they have produced is outstanding in their own right.

They have also produced some special and limited bottlings in the recent years.

You can purchase and find more information on Johnnie Walker Whisky by visiting Johnnie Walker Label

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FOX 19 AUGUST 2010



本次的活動背後操刀為Chili Consulting,您可以在這裡找到其創辦人的Twitter。也可以在這裡找到更多他們的資訊。如果您有興趣想利用Foursquare做類似的行銷活動或者是想為自己的客戶提案,可以參考前文:手機行動行銷:如何免費利用Foursquare為您的商店/服務/地點作LBS行銷?





A starter,6歲開始玩Apple II錄音帶遊戲,自以為是輕骨灰級遊戲玩家。曾經跟一群人玩CS玩到沒天沒夜。待過遊戲公司、入口網站、韓國搜尋引擎公司。iOS應用程式開發商Polydice共同創辦人


叫我地頭王,用Foursquare地標交朋友 董福興


除此之外還有許多蒐集用的小徽章(Badge),像是一個月去標示為健身房的地點十次就會獲得稱為「Gym Rat」的徽章、去過三家Apple Store就會得到「Jobs」的徽章。如果你經常使用又常輸入新的位置資訊,還會被提昇為Superuser,可以得到合併相同的地點、標示已經關閉的店家等等權限。


Step 1

雖然手機軟體就能新建帳號,但電腦上較為方便,首先到Foursquare.com,按下Join Now。

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Foursquare Check In時可以選擇性地發送Facebook與Twitter訊息,前面已連結就不用再設。

Step 6

以iPhone上的App為例,開啟後按下「Log In」,輸入郵件與密碼就能成功登入,開始使用


First Check In,佔有身邊的地標

登錄完成以後要做什麼?當然就是找到自己的所在地,開始Check In。每次Check In都會獲得些分數,而依照你Check In的次數與所到的地點以及時間,更會不時開啟各種徽章。你可以積極的Check In,上班下班、出門吃飯都不忘,這樣不僅能很快地取得多處的市長,也能擁有多種徽章;也能僅到特別的地方時Check In,透過Facebook分享、炫耀一番。不過可別積極地發送Facebook與Twitter通知,可是會討人厭的!

Step 1

以iPhone App為例,點選下方Place標籤就能自動定位、顯示附近地點,直接選取你在的位置。

Step 2

People能看到市長與目前在這的使用者、Details能查詢地圖與附近發的Twitter,不過重要的是Check In按鍵。

Step 3

Check In時可以順道發送到Facebook與Twitter,不過建議少用。

Step 4

Check In完成後會顯示積分,於某處初次Check In可獲得五點,每天Check In越多,分數也給的越多。

tips:常登錄的地點會自動標記為My Favorites,定位錯誤時將清單往下拉就能自動更新。


雖然Check In以後會得到分數,但是分數是以周為單位,每周一會自動歸零。唯一的用處就是於手機軟體中能看到與朋友的分數排名。算是有趣的小功能,未來也許還會有其他用途也不一定。而徽章則是Foursquare的蒐集要素,除了在一定期間內常去健身房、電影院等等,還有一些有趣的條件,像是在一個已經有50人Check In的地點Check In。另外還有與企業、活動配合的特殊徽章。

▲ 雖然Check In後的分數無處可用,但Foursquare網站上卻能依你的Check In狀況做出統計,長久下來會是有趣的數據。



Step 1

如果捲動地點清單最後面都沒看到你要的地點,就按最下面的「Not in list?」進行查詢。

Step 2

輸入地點名稱要是還找不著的話,就選「Add this place」來新增地點,也能選「Check in here anyway」,但不會新增。

Step 3

接著輸入地點名稱, 輸入完整的地址、電話更能讓其他使用者受惠, 店家有Twitter也能一併加入。

Step 4





▲ 由Friends頁面就能看到最近朋友都去了哪兒、做些什麼,也能透過Shout向大家發送訊息,說五次Happy Birthday也有徽章喔!

▲ 從個人頁面右上設定可以看到當周分數排名,此外也能開啟Ping,開啟Ping接收推播訊息就能隨時知道朋友去了哪兒,做了些啥?


市長、徽章與積分是Foursquare的有趣之處,但真正有用之處則是使用者們為各個地點所加上的Tips。當你開啟手機上的程式後,就可以直接透過Tips分頁瀏覽。例如來到台北市忠孝敦化商圈,就能透過Tips上的推薦,找到巷弄中的美味餐廳;甚至能知道有哪些招牌菜。要是你通通都想嚐嚐,也能將Tips加入自己的To do清單中,下次就能依照記錄繼續探索。相較於網路上的食記、美食推薦,Foursquare上的Tips更能忠實反映瞬間的感動而更加真實。

Step 1

開啟軟體Foursquare定位後, 從Tips下面的「Nearby Tips」就能看到大家對四周地點所加上的Tips。

Step 2

點選其中一則就能將他加入To do 清單中,按下@連結就能開啟地點觀看地點等資訊,所以新增時才務必要填妥。

Step 3

從My to dos就能看到所有加入的Tips,就像是收藏地點書籤一般,留到下次前來時再次探索。

Step 4

同樣地, 在To do清單中點選完成的那一則,選擇「I ’ve done this」,就會從清單中移除,不會越積越多。

添加自己的To Do清單與Tips

當然,社群就是靠分享才會有更多的內容,除了看別人張貼的Tips,自己也要分享才能回饋。其實在你透過Place分頁找到地點,在Check In前,就能為地點加入Tips;同時也能直接在自己的To Do清單加入不分享的私人筆記。雖然在手機上看不到已經完成的To Do項目,但只要回到網站就能看到所有項目,還能挑選出12個最喜歡的排序。

▲ 透過Check In畫面右上角按鍵就能加入公開的Tip與私人的To Do項目,也能回報地點錯誤與已經關閉。

▲ 手機上不能檢視已經完成的To Do清單,得要回到網頁上才能瀏覽全部項目。還能挑出最愛來排順序。