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Choosing Whiskey Stones

Whisky stones are soft soapstone rocks which are kept in the freezer and used to chill your spirits without diluting them like ice would. While a few cubes of ice could quickly dillute and water down your spirits, whisky stones stay cold, cool your benverage and never melt! With so many more people enjoying the simple pleasures of a whiskey or scotch on the rocks, it’s no wonder that Whisky stones are one of the most poluar gifts of the last few years! They are still more popular than ever and as you might expect, plenty of imitators are popping up online.

With the increased popularity of whiskey stones there are more choices than ever. With that increased popularity has come a bevy of imitators and rush to market questionable manufactures of whiskey stones. How can you be sure you are getting the best, safest and easiest to use whiskey stones for your beverage or gift giving?

Shop by brand! Teroforma introduced the whiskey stone concept and has held true to the virtues of the product, creating soft, Vermont milled whiskey stones for your enjoyment. Shop by brand and look for Teroforma Ice Melts Whiskey Stones to be sure you are getting authentic, safe whiskey stones. Another benefit of shopping by brand is that you save yourself the potential risk of purchasing imitation stones that may have been made overseas from questionable materials.

Look for shape, stone type and manufacturing specifications. The shape and material of the whiskey stone is very important. Ideally you want soapstone which is a softer stone and will not scratch your glasses. Also you will want to look for stones  with rounded edges. This too will save your beautiful glassware, ensuring that they are not scratched by the hard square edges of many of the imitators that have recently flooded the market.

Everyone who has ever received whisky stones can tell you that they really are a cool (pardon the pun!) and practical gift. It’s so easy to store your whiskey stones in the freezer and just drop a few into your spirits before enjoying. Be sure you are giving only the best and look for authentic whisky stones when shopping online.


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