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Wine Aerator – I cannot drink wine now without one!

Many people often ask the same question when it comes to wine aerators and that is “Do they work?”. If you are reading this article then you will probably know the science behind aeration. The job of these devices is to infuse as much air into your wine as possible. Sounds like a simple task, but not all of the models on the market are up to the job!

The question as to whether these funny gadgets really work can be answered on many different levels.

If asked if they infuse air into your wine more quickly than a decanter or simply pouring straight into a glass, the answer would be a resounding yes.

If the question is expanded to: do wine aerators improve the bouquet and flavor of a wine, then again I would say yes. There is a slight hesitation with my answer as aeration of certain vintage wines can actually ruin them completely. But for your average “2 buck chuck”, a good aerator will make it so much more tasty and aromatic.

So as you can see, you need to delve a bit deeper into how a wine aerator works in order to answer the question in full. My advice would be to do a blind test.

Pour one glass straight from the bottle and another glass through an aerator. Switch them around so you do not know which is which and drink away. I would use a young red for this purpose as you can guarantee is will be full of tannins (created by the crushing of grape skins and stalks during the pressing process). Tannins are the bane of most bottles of young red wine and are really easy to get rid of with a good wine aerator.

I am sure once you have done the blind tasting you will be able to answer the question as to whether the aeration process works yourself. The wine that has been passed through a wine aerator should taste smoother and be more powerful on the taste buds. Furthermore, you should be able to smell a heightened range of bouquets.

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