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6 Questions To Ask The CEO When He Says Social Media Won’t Work For His Company

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I recently wrote an article  “9 Ways To Convince The CEO To Use Social Media and Enter The 21st Century” which received a lot of comments and in fact is the second most popular article on my blog with over 4,200 hits and 22 comments…they make interesting reading. So it appears that it is a a topic on a lot of peoples minds.

In thinking about it…. convincing is not just about “telling” .. though you do need to provide facts and figures and case studies.

The art of the sale is often more about asking the right questions and getting them to provide their own answers that lets them come to their own conclusion. … then “they” own the answer.

So when I came upon an online video of a presentation by David Meerman-Scott it provided a few more pieces to the puzzle.

These are the questions .. I have also placed next to each question what current research is showing is the response rate to different types of marketing.

In the last few months have you either professionally or personally.

1.Responded or answered to a direct mail letter or brochure? (Current research shows only 3% have responded)

2. Did you follow up on a mainstream media advertisment such as TV, Radio, Magazine or Newspaper? (22%)

3. Did you go to the Yellow Pages to look up a company to buy a product? (3%)

4. Did you Google and search online when looking to purchase a product or service? (97%)

5. Used Your Peer to Peer Network via Facebook, Instant Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn or other Social Media to get a URL to a website  for a product that you were looking to buy? (80%)

And here is the clincher…..

6. So why are you still using marketing for your company that you yourself  have minimal response to?

Note: These are also useful to include in a powerpoint presentation and I have been doing this recently with great results.

What questions are you asking?…



Benefits of Red Wine

A nice glass of wine after a stressful day at work is the perfect answer to a relaxing evening for some people. We’ve all heard the media reports that red wine is beneficial to our cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that one glass for women and up to two glasses for men can considerably help our bodies fight against heart disease by almost fifty percent. What exactly are the benefits to drinking red wine and how do they work?


Heart disease is associated with the aggregation of LDL levels of cholesterol. Wine alters the lipid levels in the blood and reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol (the bad) and increases the amount of HDL cholesterol (the good). The ratio of low LDL levels to HDL levels helps keep blood clots and other cardiovascular diseases at bay.


The antioxidants in red wine eliminate free radicals from the system whereby eliminating the chance for these scavenging enemies to attach to important molecules in our bodies. These antioxidants (polyphenols) are essential to maintain the immune system, fight against cancer, and even have an anti-bacterial effect.


Most of the benefits in red wine come from the dark, red grape’s skin. Polyphenols are condensed within the skin of the grape. It is associated with the color, taste, and texture of wine. Polyphenols are thought to assist the immune system in the programmed cell death of cancer cells. The mechanism of apoptosis (programmed cell death) is that a cell is marked for destruction when DNA has mutated beyond repair, however occasionally the immune system does not respond and cancer arises. Polyphenols are said to be antioxidants as well as immune system stimulants to assist in the death of these dangerous cells.


Another antioxidant in red wine includes resveratrol. This compound is important in vascular maintenance. It keeps platelets at normal levels to keep blood thickness from becoming too sticky and possibly cause blood clots. Resveratrol is also said to stimulate the immune system, and it helps kill off any cancer causing enzymes.


Flavonoids have also been used in herbal and homeopathic remedies. The chemical’s healing properties are said to be another cancer-fighting antioxidant that works by regulating cell growth. They help play a role in eliminating oxidative stress on your body after a high glucose meal.


An even more recent discovery is that red wine can actually slow the aging process. Resveratrol in red wine has been found to trigger sirtuins in the body’s system. Sirtuins are thought to contain switches to preserve body tissue. Resveratrol has been used in herbal remedies along with the Chinese plant knotweed to fight off disease and aging.


Although one to two glasses of red wine a day can be helpful, the amount of any alcohol should not exceed minimal amounts. In excess, the benefits of red wine can be canceled due to the problems associated with chronic alcohol consumption. Too much red wine and the alcohol can start to adversely affect your body’s liver. In the case of red wine, moderation is key.


For more information, visit http://www.onwine.tv.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wines-and-spirits-articles/benefits-of-red-wine-612932.html

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