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Homes for Sale – 7349 Zanzibar Ln N, Maple Grove, MN

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Here are some helpful Guidelines to add a special touch utilizing Red Wine – Wine – Drinks

Usually associated with romance, candlelit dinners and slow Sundays, there are several diverse types and flavours of red wine accessible to obtain. A lot of folks pick to purchase themselves a bottle every single now and then, and other people choose to invest in people it as a present.

Red wine gifts are incredibly well-known for occasions including anniversaries, Valentines Day and Christmas. Red wine somehow gives off a warm feeling and folks like to associate this with the emotion of really like and with the act of giving. As there are several distinctive varieties of red wine gifts available to invest in, it’s practically as if folks are spoilt for choice when picking out a bottle (or couple of).

1 of the most preferred red wine gifts would be to order a bottle (or bottles) with personalisation on the label. This can be the name of the receiver, and/or a special date (including an anniversary or a birthday). This usually matches the font and style of the rest of the bottle, meaning that the bottle might be employed for ornamental purposes even after the wine has been long consumed and gone.

You’ll find many sorts of red wine gifts which are proving increasingly well-known on the gift marketplace. These consist of South African Cabernet or Shiraz, Chilean Cabernet or Merlot and French Claret. These tend to come in circumstances of 6 or extra when bought as gifts and all of the bottles can be personalised for that extra unique touch.

Another common occasion for ordering personalised wine is when entertaining new or existing clients in a company situation. It looks really impressive to be able to serve wine that bears the corporation logo, and these can also be given as Christmas gifts to make certain your firm is not forgotten.

Whatever the occasion for acquiring red wine gifts, there are actually many choices to pick from. Initially, you will have to determine regardless of whether to acquire them online or in a store; in the event you require personalisation, on line tends to be the easier choice as most firms offer you a form or email address dedicated to this upon checkout of the items. Also, getting on line can sometimes mean a discount is offered, and as a general rule costs may be less expensive, specifically if purchasing in bulk. For anyone who is searching to send red wine as a gift, this might be a rather beneficial point to bear in mind.

Following you choose an obtaining method, you may will need to choose which wine you want to acquire. It may be worth asking the receiver some pointed questions to discover their wine preference if possible, as they may possibly like 1 type, but not a different. On top of this, you might require to pick out what you would like the label to say, if going for the personalised option.

Whatever you select to buy, makes sure you analysis the top prices and choices accessible when acquiring. Whoever the lucky individual is, they are going to deserve the most effective, so ensure your money is well spent!

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Want more tips on making homemade wine? Know more information on how to store wine properly before you buy wine gifts.

親愛的台灣網購消費者,您有2nd opinion嗎?


(photo by daveoratox@Flickr)


這些網站中Yelp.com與Flixster.com,本來的服務內容就是讓消費者可以於網路上對商家/服務評價與分享自己的使用經驗與評鑑;而Amazon.com與Hotels.com除了商品/旅館選擇種類眾多之外,於網站上的安排,消費者評鑑是商品的一個重要資訊,放在很清楚且重要的位置,例如這些screen shots。消費者於總覽處就可以看到評鑑的平均,且可以繼續往下看詳細的意見內容。



因為有了(參考其他消費者評鑑)這樣的習慣,所以當筆者是在實體商店購物或者臨時要找附近的餐廳時,也會用一些可以查詢到消費者評鑑的Mobile Apps來作為消費的參考。上述的網站都有Mobile App,於App中也可以看到消費者意見,但購物時筆者常用的的mobile apps是美國商品消費者評鑑熱門網站 Buzzillions.com 所推出的iPhoneApp,錄製一段操作的影片如下:

影片中,讀者可以看到,筆者使用了App中的UPC code掃描的功能(是由被eBay併購的RedLaser提供的技術),App讀取了code後很快地於資料庫中找到對應的商品,進入眼簾的除了商品名稱與照片外,該商品的消費者評鑑平均是重點,4.5顆星一目了然,點進該商品後,筆者可以繼續看評價的細項,例如消費者對該商品幾個好壞的特性的勾選,最有參考價值的正面與負面評鑑,仔細的評鑑內容與該商品在各大購物網站的價格分布等(還有該商品的描述,但於此App中的重要性相對偏低),相當實用,也提供筆者購物時很重要的參考依據。

當筆者在找尋台灣是否有類似的服務時,赫然發現,台灣的主要大型B2C 購物網站如 P!線上購物 與 Y!奇摩購物中心,竟然沒有提供消費者意見的功能與設計!?

為了對照亞洲其他市場,筆者瀏覽一下大陸的幾個大型購物網站,例如360Buy.comDangDang.com(當當網)或者YiHaoDian.com(一號店)等,或者垂直購物網站如M18.com (賣考林)RedBaby.com.cn(紅孩兒),都提供消費者商品評鑑的功能,且容易瀏覽與查詢(Amazon.cn 與 Newegg.com.cn因為是美國網站的大陸分公司,有一樣的消費者意見功能);日本的Yahoo!Japan ShoppingAmazon.co.jp (又是Amazon),韓國的Gmarket.co.kr(Gmarket)Gsshop.com (GS Shop)與入口網站Naver shopping等,也都有提供消費者評價的功能。所以看起來台灣真的缺席了?







業者真正要做的不應是針對內容來管理,而是要設計可以提高可看度與可信度的評鑑機制,以及善用消費者的社群力量來過濾真正具有參考價值的評鑑。例如機制上可以限制只有於該網站購買過該商品的消費者可以評價,就有一個起碼的進入門檻,提高該評價的可信度(Amazon.com對於實際購買該商品的消費者意見就會標示是”Amazon Verified Purchase”);而有可以評分與檢舉評鑑內容的機制,就是藉由其他消費者的參與來提昇評鑑的參考度。

至於最後一個理由認為”台灣的消費者比較沒有參與意見表達的動機與習慣”,筆者認為若這個理由成立,那要如何解釋像Mobile01.comFashionGuide.com.twiPeen.com.tw(愛評網)這些台灣比較屬於垂直的商品/服務討論與評鑑網站受歡迎呢?這多少也是業者”為與不為”的問題,而不是去怪罪於消費者的習慣。若策略上把消費者意見當成商品介紹必要的項目,以及業者對消費者客服重要的一環,執行上就會考量如何設計方便與友善的評鑑方式,如何鼓勵消費者踴躍參與評鑑,以及如何讓品牌與消費者因為評鑑而產生良性的互動。例如顧客完成消費後的一段時間內,業者是否會follow up提醒與鼓勵消費者評鑑其購買的商品/服務?對於積極參與評鑑的消費者是否提供royalty program以獎勵其貢獻?與是否提供品牌回覆消費者客訴的機會?




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