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An essential item for any self respecting wine connoisseur. This ingenious decanter has a specially designed collar on the decanter spout that enables a drip free passage of wine from the bottle, ensuring there is no unnecessary waste or spillage. Want to decant the wine again but this time back into the original bottle? Not a problem, in fact this process can be repeated again and again. The elegant carafe combines aesthetic with functionality and is sure to be a talking point with dinner guests.

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Useful Tips for a Perfect Design of Custom Wine Cellars

Whether you want a Custom Wine Cellar for your home or for your business locations, you need to carefully see the designing aspect of your wine cellar. From thinking the concept till the final installation, it should be a smooth process. The design process of Custom Wine Cellars should be accomplished by experienced hands. Building wine cellars should never be a troublesome and unpleasant experience. Here are some useful tips or effective guidelines to help you get a perfect design for your wine cellar.

At first, think on your design elements that suits your personality. Your wine cellar should be unique and should match your individual style. So, you need a wine storage design that suits you and efficiently functions as a long-term solution. The essential elements of Custom Wine Cellars could be:

1. Wine cellar size and style: You need to think how many bottles you want to keep in your wine storage. This will typically determine the size and style of your wine cellar. Also, selection of a perfect location within your room is important where you will install the wine cellar. Then you need to select between the beauty and functional benefits of your wine cellar. If you want to have both the features, you may have to spare more space in the room. Choose a corner that is not directly exposed to sunlight. The temperature changes may damage your expensive wine collection and you won’t want that. Proper wine storage functionality is important for your wines. Wine bottles are generally stored in dark places and bottles are colored to avoid any external temperature influence.

2. Wine racks: Options are aplenty when you go to choose wine racking solutions from various manufacturers. These wine racks are available in different sizes. You can select one from four feet to eight feet high sizes. Your wine racks should be of modular type so that you get more flexibility and have more customization options to make it more personalized. If you wish, you can add a top shelf a curved wine rack at the corner and extend the storage capacity. You can have a display wine rack for a better presentation. So, options are galore to make your wine cellar design interesting as well as attractive.

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