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Ideal Church of God is headed by Christ Jesus and Peter is the Gatekeeper – 1.

Ideal Church of God is headed by Christ Jesus and Peter is the Gatekeeper – 1. IDEALCHURCH If Jesus were to return to-day, He would be very much surprised and upset to find so many of the denominations. In fact, these denominations are like the blind men describing an elephant. For example, John, the Baptist was not a light but a witness to the Light, ie an Angel but not a Saint, so in the Baptist Churches that belong to John, the Baptist, an ideal Priest of Moses or best described as Prophet Elijah, what sense does it make to sing the songs of Jesus? Therefore, let us first appreciate the reasons for the coming of Jesus before we can speak about the Church that He came to establish. Jesus is known to everybody as the Light of this Dark Age but what created the Darkness so that this Light, the Christ of God, had to appear!!! Before Jesus, we used to have Rabbi who were the priests of Moses and the synagogues where the "written Torah" of Moses, the Scriptures, was read could also be called the temples of Moses. An ideal priest of Moses has been defined by Jesus in Matt.13.52 as the owner of a House (Synagogue), who bringth out Treasures old (written Torah) and the New (Oral Torah). The "written Torah" being passed from generation to generation is also called the "old cloth" and the corruptions in it are the "holes". These corruptions could be rectified or darned in the spirit of "His Word", Oral Torah only ie Jesus came to fulfil the law but not to demolish it – Matt.5.17 <b>…</b>

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區域 99年平均房價(萬/坪) 98年每戶家庭年所得總收入(萬) 購屋幸福指數分數 購屋幸福指數排行
文山區 46.4 144.9 12.8 1
北投區 47.6 142.3 13.3 2
大同區 46.7 128.0 14.5 3
內湖區 56.9 154.7 14.7 4
萬華區 44.0 113.5 15.5 5
士林區 69.9 159.9 17.4 6
南港區 63.4 125.7 20.1 7
中正區 90.1 177.3 20.3 8
松山區 87.0 169.0 20.5 9
中山區 75.0 144.4 20.7 10
大安區 115.2 182.5 25.2 11
信義區 96.1 143.8 26.4 12
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Riedel Ouverture Magnum Red Wine Glass, Set of 6 plus 2 Bonus Glasses Reviews

Perfect for everyday use and an amazing value at 8 glasses for the price of 6, the eight extra-large red-wine glasses in this set are part of the moderately priced Ouverture series offered by world-renowned wineglass maker Riedel Crystal. Made of lead-free crystal and machine blown, these glasses are dishwasher-safe. Their thin rims are cut and polished to Riedel’s exacting standards, so wine flows easily onto the palate. Each glass stands 7-7/8 inches high, and their large bowls help release the wine’s aroma for full enjoyment. Though glasses shaped and sized for different types of wine seem a tradition today, Riedel was the pioneer of this revolutionary concept, which has created a lasting effect on the globe’s wine culture.

Technical Details

-Set of 8 for the price of 6; Ouverture Magnum glasses; 18-5/8 ounces
-Designed by Riedel to enhance enjoyment of full-bodied red wines
-Machine-made from lead-free glass with exceptional clarity and brilliance
-Styling combines elongated bowl, generous sizing, and comfortable stem
-Dishwasher-safe; additional Ouverture wine and spirits glasses also available

Customer Reviews

“Perfect red wine glasses”

By Deborah Weiser (outer space)
I got this set of 8 at a great price, but I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered and they were a larger size than I was expecting. However, these are now our favorites for dinner at home! Great rim clearance for the nose, easy to swirl, extremely lightweight for the size and I haven’t broken one yet in the dish water.


“Perfect glasses for everyday use”

By C. Humble (Portland, OR)
These are great wine glasses for everyday use. I was looking for a glass with a larger bowl, but that wasn’t too big. I also didn’t want a super tall glass because they can be awkward and are easier to tip over.
I love the short stem on these glasses because they are comfortable to hold. They just fit my hand and feel perfect. The bowls are big enough, but not too big. I also find that they work fine for both red and white wines. The quality is excellent and the value is superb.
I would highly recommend a set of these glasses.


“To be expected…”

By Ben Zucco
The quality of the Riedel products never disappoint. This glass is a bit shorter then one might expect but the quality is flawless as one would expect. I purchased these as a gift for my father and we were so happy with them that his Girl Friend went out and bought a second set for her home as well. Riedel does not disappoint, I only wish I could have a set of my own!

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