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Get The Best French Red Wine In New York

Any celebration is incomplete without a bottle of wine. So if you want to celebrate first go down to a store and pick up a bottle of the finest French Red Wine available. Why French Red Wine? Because it is often said that it is the best kinds available. Talking about French Red Wine, always remember that there are many varieties of them, so when choosing a bottle make sure you choose wisely. Here are a few steps that can help you choose a bottle of good French Red Wine:

Step 1: What is your preference?

Do you prefer it?

* Sweet or dry? Dry here refers to the absence of sweetness.

* With Low or High Tannin? This is what determines the dry and puckery feeling in the mouth following consumption.

* With Low or High Acid? The absence of this would make it taste flat and one dimensional. The exact proportion of acid enhances its taste complementing the other tastes as well.

* Light or Full Bodied? A wine’s body is directly proportional to its alcohol content. (Check on the label of the bottle for the percentage of alcohol by volume, it applies in the following way: 7.5% – 10.5% indicates light body; 10.5% – 12.5% indicates medium body; 12.5% and over indicates full body.)

* Heavy Oak or No Oak? Oaky describes the aroma or taste quality imparted by the oak barrels in which it was aged.

Step 2: Where do you buy it from?

It is important that you buy it from stores take proper care of their wine. A cellar would be a good choice.

Step3: Should you explore your options?

You should definitely explore your options, as there is a wide variety of Red Wine. So, do not stick to one type just because a merchant, friend or wine writer says a wine is good because your taste may vary.

Step4: How to get a good bargain?

It’s a good idea to purchase Red Wine by the case (12 bottles) since many stores would give you discount on a large purchase rather than just purchasing one bottle.

Before you purchase your French Red Wine, make sure the bottle is filled up to the neck, the cork is not pushing out of the bottle, and that there is no leakage. To get yourself a bottle of French Red Wine (New York) visit www.holidaywinecellar.com.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wines-and-spirits-articles/get-the-best-french-red-wine-in-new-york-3837052.html

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Don’t Stop Believing – Intro – [Live In Concert] Sung by Arnel Pineda of Journey

Journey recorded live in concert and rocking it out – Don’t stop believing!!! Arnel Pineda rocks it out. Don’t forget to Buy "Don’t Stop Believin’" on: AmazonMP3, iTunes. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ Lyrics Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere A singer in a smokey room A smell of wine and cheap perfume For a smile they can share the night It goes on and on and on and on (Chorus) Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching in the night Streetlights people, living just to find emotion Hiding, somewhere in the night. Working hard to get my fill, Everybody wants a thrill Payin’ anything to roll the dice, Just one more time Some will win, some will lose Some were born to sing the blues Oh, the movie never ends It goes on and on and on and on (Chorus) Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to the feelin’ Streetlights people Don’t stop believin’ Hold on Streetlight people Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to the feelin’ Streetlights people Enjoy, Dave Geipel.

Source: YouTube