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How Exactly Do They Get Wine from Grapes? (Ezine Ready)

When most people think of wine making, they think of barefoot people with their pants rolled up stomping around on a bunch of grapes in a large vat. Some may even think of the infamous ‘I Love Lucy’ episode. Stomping by hand, or rather by foot, is the way grapes were juiced for centuries, but today the process is much more refined. Today, wineries are much more efficient and sanitary than their predecessors.

There are five main steps involved in winemaking: harvesting the grapes, juicing the grapes, fermenting the grapes, filtering the wine, and bottling the wine. Right now, we are primarily concerned with just a few of these steps, but we’ll touch on all of them. One thing to note is that all these processes are very natural and organic, making wine a very healthy and beneficial drink alternative at meals.

First, winemakers harvest the grapes which will be made into wine. The “when and where” of the specific grape varies depend on many factors. These essential elements of wine making are what determine a wine’s quality and taste. Harvesting is done one of two ways, either by hand or by machines. Hand-picked wines tend to be the more expensive wines simply due to the fact that harvesting them is more labor-intensive. You do get what you pay for, however, and vineyards that take the time to hand-pick are usually of a higher quality. Cheaper, higher-volume wines are generally machine-picked and are of lower quality. In the end, however, your “fine” wine is whatever wine tastes good to you, regardless of price!

Juicing these days is no longer done by those barefoot folks with their pants rolled up. Today there are machines that do all of the work, either pressing or crushing the grapes which provides a far more safe and sterile environment for the winemaking process. Cleaning at the winery is the most intensive process. All equipment involved with this is cleaned after every batch.

Fermentation is a natural occurrence in which yeast feeds on the sugars in the grapes to form alcohol and carbon dioxide. It is another process that can vary greatly from vineyard to vineyard. Some use oak barrels, while others use stainless steel tanks. The exact amount of time in which the juice must ferment is determined by what type of wine is being made.

Next, the wine is filtered. Filtration removes sediment and “cleans” the wine for lack of a better term. Filtration removes any excess bits of grape and seeds. Without it, the wine would not be nearly as smooth and enjoyable.

After filtration, the wine is bottled. During the bottling process, the wine is transferred to clean, sterile bottles where it will be aged for weeks, months, or even years depending on what type of wine it is. Sometimes, winemakers transfer the wine to a new bottle several times, to reduce sediment. It is a very intensive process that requires the most refined winemaker’s taste and expertise to judge when the wine is ready.

As you can imagine, winemaking has come a long way in a few thousand years. The process today has been refined to a well-oiled winemaking machine that produces all the different wines that you love.

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Types of Red Wine that are the Most Popular

There are many different types of red wine. However, there are five types of red wine that are the most popular both by the amount grown and the amount consumed.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

This red wine is tied for the most popular type of red wine with Merlot wine. This wine first became popular in the 18th century in the Bordeaux wine region in France. It was created when two other popular wines at the time, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, crossed paths.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium to full bodied red wine. Most get better as they age, since the younger versions are typically highly tannic. It is also best served at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Merlot Wine

This is another really popular red wine. It is one of the most planted types of red wine since it can grow well in a number of different climates.

The popularity of Merlot wine grew tremendously in the US in the 1990s. At this time, the California wineries had a hard time keeping up with demand.

To keep up with demand, some wineries used less than quality grapes to make their Merlot wines. This created an image problem for Merlot as people saw it as a low quality wine. Now that wineries are planting enough to keep up with demand, the quality of this wine from California wine makers is continuing to increase.

Merlot wine is also a medium to full bodied wine. It has hints of cherries, blackberries and chocolate.

Syrah Wine

This is another popular red wine that is grown in a number of the wine regions throughout the world. It first became popular in the Rhone wine region in France.

Since it grows well in warmer climates, it grows well in the Northern California wine regions. Recently, you will also find some great Syrah wines from both Switzerland and Italy.

Syrah is a medium to full bodied wine with hints of pepper, spice and some fruit flavors. These wines are dark and dense. It’s also best to age them for a few years to get the most out of this wine.

Pinot Noir Wine

Pinot Noir Wine is another popular red wine. This wine is a tough one to grow since it is impacted quite a bit by climate and other factors. Most of the wineries that grow this wine are only able to turn the grapes into great wine about 70% of the time.

Pinots are light to medium bodied wines. These wines are soft and include hints of cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavors.
Zinfandel Wine

Zinfandel is another red wine that is gaining in popularity. It has a controversial, but very interesting history. No one knew its origin until the 1990s when the industry finally did a DNA test on it to learn more.

Zinfandel wines are also challenging to grow. You will find great Zinfandel wines from Dry Creek Valley in Northern California. You will also find some great Zins grown in Australia, South Africa and Washington State in the US.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wines-and-spirits-articles/types-of-red-wine-that-are-the-most-popular-4041130.html

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