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Envy on the Coast – Southern comfort lyrics

lyrics: [Doctor:] "But you’re not being rational, Miss Tyler. Now you know you can’t expect to live any kind of a life among, normal people…" [Miss Tyler:] "I could try… I.. I could wear a mask for this bandage.. or… I wouldn’t bother anybody I’d just go my own way… I’d get a job, any job! Who are you people anyway?! What is this state?! Who makes all these rules and traditions and statutes that people who are different have to stay away from people who are normal? The state isn’t God, doctor." [Doctor:] "Miss Tyler, please.. please…" [Miss Tyler:] "THE STATE IS NOT GOD!" I don’t bathe in the flesh like the American way… But I’ve savored the breathe of American ladies… Another bee in the petals of a flower choked in the weeds… Your mother lied when she said she knows of real beauty.. ohhhh [Doctor:] What is it that makes no difference between beauty and something.. with talent..? If you swallow the bait with a bottle of wine you can live like a queen in the open wound of a pretty smile… Well I ate for hours and hours and hours and I’m still hungry.. I Filled the body with gasoline and let you ignite me.. ohh I’d only wish I had a match for every baby girl on Earth. To save them from drowning in their mother’s milk after birth.. [Miss Tyler:] "You mean imprisoned, don’t you doctor! You’re talking about a ghetto aren’t you. A ghetto designed for freaks!" You don’t sleep in your skin ’cause it makes you feel cheap.. So you hang it next to your bed and hope <b>…</b>

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How to Practice Proper Home Wine Storage (Ezine Ready)

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur to know how to practice proper home wine storage.  This knowledge is very simple to do and remember. There are many unsatisfactory results that can come from improper wine storage. With the use of just a few small tips and the use of a wine cabinet, you can ensure that you can store wine for a lifetime without damaging any aspect of the wine. These tips will help everyone from the sophisticated to the not so sophisticated; if you are a lover of wine then this information will be very beneficial to you.

One of the most important tips that you can follow is to store the wine bottle on its side or at an angle. In order to make sure that you properly store your bottles of wine, it is highly recommended that you choose to use a wine cabinet. These cabinets are available in different styles varying from horizontal storage or an angle storage, depending on your preferences. The reason for storing you’re the bottles this way is to maintain a freshness of the taste of the wine. The one thing that you do not want to happen is an exposure to oxygen or other types of aromas from the outside. In order to keep these contaminates from getting in; wineries generally use natural corks that need to remain moist and expand.

Second tip is that the area to be used for home wine storage needs to be cool. The ideal temperature for storage is 55 degrees for red wine and 45 degrees for white wine. There are exceptions to this rule however. If there are plans to open your bottle of wine within 6 months, then a warmer temperature is acceptable. One thing to remember is to avoid storing in areas where the temperature fluctuates drastically, or in areas that have high heat.

In the movies, you see that wine is kept in cellars or basement or dark areas. The reason for this is that exposure to light can damage the color of the wine and even damage the taste. Though wine is stored in dark tinted bottles, proper storage in unlighted areas ensure wine safety. Wine cabinets are also very helpful in this aspect of home wine storage.

If you have opened a bottle of wine and did not finish it, you can still safely store your wine by simply recorking the bottle and storing it properly. You want to make sure that the same end of the cork that came from the inside of the bottle goes back into the bottle. This will keep any unwanted contaminates from getting into the wine. You may then store the partial bottle in the refrigerator. The cold air will help to preserve it. Since the seal has already been broken the need to lay horizontally. The amount of time that the opened bottle of wine can stay in the refrigerator depends on the color of wine. White wine can usual stand about three days; while red wine on the other hand, should only be left in the refrigerator for one or two days.

The use of a wine cabinet can ensure that you use proper home wine storage. You can find these cabinets online for various prices, depending on style and size. There are specialty stores where you can find customizable cabinets. They are very affordable and will pay for themselves in the long run with proper storage. Improper storage can ruin a bottle of wine making it ultimately worthless as well as tasteless.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/wines-and-spirits-articles/how-to-practice-proper-home-wine-storage-4462401.html

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