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List of Wines and what food to match the Wines – Wine and Dine – Guidelines

The wine and wineyards are wonderful and tough work also as studying about all sorts of wines from entire world. Other people know red and white wine, maximun pink or rose.

Principles of sorting wine and understanding of suitable wines to meals or meats aren’t tough.Your information about wines does not come from tough drinking or your father as wine merchant, in case you are not interested in. It can be the very same for example not wearing suitable black dress of Tamara Bewick at royal reception, the woman, who doesn’t work, but 25 years is on social scene without easy knowledge of social rules and taking example from faux pas late Lady Diana, who was tough worker.Some principles are quick peasy, some facts about suitable principles you’ll need find out and some thing you can’t lern until you might have ears and eyes open.Wine is in no way ending school.

Cooking up or ordering and table setting, your dressing and choice of suitable smart guests is one thing, finding the most effective wine together with your individual dishes and your menu as an entire is really another thing.If your are serving up a light meal, a light wine will suffice. My cousin Andrew says, he isn’t interested in archeology for visiting Northern Africa, but I said at my latest dinner party, that Goga is interested in a half century old archeological artefacts.Wines from Kazahkstan are not rather famous, but they are spicy and spicy and sweet matches with spicy dishes. The sugar strengthens the spices. As strange as it could sound, a curry goes much better having a Gewurztraminer than having a tannic red! If you’re serving a gourmet feast with a lot of culinary wizardry, strong sauces, thick marinades or meat, you’ll need an elegant, well-built, powerful wine to bring out all the subtle flavour of your cooking.

If you do a table seating plan, plan also wine order. Clashing two wines and lack of understanding about order of wine is faux pas also as two females of one men met at the dinner or inside the very same clothes. Bear in mind 1 simple rule about wine – there’s valid, the good quality goes constantly into finale, so, young wine is just before better older wine, light,rose,white before red 1, unbottled prior to in the bottle. And 1 incredibly very simple rule – red wine definitely doesn’t need to be mixed with cheesy cheese. For reason – the tannins in red wine improve bitter flavour of cheese.And top up sweet and sour dish with far more sweeter wine, pls, don’t do that.Sweet enough. Match colours – light cheese, light wine, dark meat, red wine, chocolate, red wine.

Wine And Meat

– White
Extremely dry white: Muscadet, Vend?e wines, Saumur, Sauvignon, Cheverny, Haut Poitou, Pouilly-fum?, Sancerre, dry Bergerac, Gaillac, Coteaux-du-Languedoc, Petit Chablis.
These go perfectly with oysters, shellfish, molluscs and specific types of seafood.

– Dry white: Muscadet, Vouvray, Sancerre, Pouilly, Chablis, Riesling, Jura and Savoy wines, C?tes-du-Rh?ne, Bandol, Bergerac, M?con, Clairette.
These go well with fish, cold meat, cold vegetable and fish starters, poultry and offal.

– Rose and light [very modern now]
Dry ros?: Anjou, Touraine and Provence wines, Bordeaux and Bordeaux clairet go very well with hot or cold starters and one-course meals like pizza, herb or particular cheese-based dishes, and Mediterranean cuisine in general.

– Light red: Touraine Gamay, Sancerre, Menetou, Orl?ans wines and Pinot Noir from Alsace go well with hot starters, poultry, white meat and cheese with soft rind, and make a nice alter with fish.

– Sweet white: Sauternes, Muscat, Monbazillac, Vouvray, Gewurztraminer and also the like go well with cheese (in particular cheese containing herbs such as parsley) and desserts.

– Red
Tannic red: Cabernet, Saumur-Champigny, Bourgueil, Chinon, M?con, Saint-Joseph, Bandol, Fitou and Saint-Chinian go well with hot starters, stew, red meat, game and some desserts (with peaches or cooked pears).

– Burgundy red: C?te-de-nuits, Chambertin, Vosne-roman?e, Pommard and Volnay go well with poultry, white meat, feathered game and red meat.

– Bordeaux: Grave, Pessac-L?ognan, M?doc, Pauillac, Margaux, Saint-Emilion, Saint-Julien and Ch?teauneuf-du-Pape go well with game, red meat like lamb, duck and hare.

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Want more tips on making homemade wine? Know more information on how to store wine properly before you buy wine gifts.

Newport Mansion Wine & Food Festival Kickoff – Speaking with Lidia Bastianich

Speaking with Lidia Bastianich at the Italian Trade Commission for the kickoff of the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival

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直接用Picasa Web API 把Picasa相簿嵌入網站


如果你問香腸WordPress怎麼擁有相簿功能?通常我的回答是:使用外部服務嵌入,例如使用Picasa或是flickr,或者是安裝NextGEN Gallery相簿外掛,這外掛應該是使用大家公認功能算很棒,有中文介面的相簿外掛,但這種外掛缺點就是會讓網站資源吃重。因此通常我會再推薦KPicasa或是altPWA。


因此,若只是個人網站,單純只有一個分頁要做成相簿功能的話,再加上你會小修改CSS的話,那我會建議你使用PWA(Picasa Web API)這個來達成效果。別看到API這關鍵字就告訴你要看一堆原文使用說明,別擔心!你只要把JS下載後上傳到你網站,然後再用一句語法就可以把相簿功能掛到你網站了,基本上很簡單的,而且也很省網站資源。

第1步 先到SF網站上下載要使用的JS,請下載「pwa.js」,當然你想嘗試另一個也可以。

直接用Picasa Web API 把Picasa相簿嵌入網站

第2步 下載後請上傳到網站根目錄,若是WordPress,請開啟後台新增一個名為相簿的分頁,並切換到「HTML」模式,將以下語法貼上去並點擊﹝發表﹞。

  • username:Picsaa帳號名稱
  • photosize:單張時的圖片尺寸(依照你網站內文寬度)
  • src:輸入你剛上傳的JS位置(絕對路徑)
<script type='text/javascript'>
    username = 'Picasa帳號名稱'; photosize='800';
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://網站網址./pwa.js'></script>

直接用Picasa Web API 把Picasa相簿嵌入網站

第3步 很快的,你就會看到相簿成功囉!

直接用Picasa Web API 把Picasa相簿嵌入網站

第4步 因為香腸設定600,所以圖片剛剛好在內文區內。另外你在瀏覽單張圖片時會發現上方怎麼破圖了?這時可準備三張圖片,放到跟剛剛的JS同一目錄,這三張圖名稱與用途分別是「上一張(back.jpg)」、「相簿目錄(home.jpg)」、「下一張(next.jpg)」。

直接用Picasa Web API 把Picasa相簿嵌入網站

或許大家覺得透過PWA做出的Picasa相簿版面有點醜,你可以修改pwa.js或是透過CSS修正,讓版面更完善,這部分就是考驗大家的CSS了。這樣的做法主要是透過Javascript(JSON API)來達成效果的,只要跑一隻JS,就可以輕鬆把Picasa相簿搬到網站上。

如果你還在想哪flickr呢?目前香腸是沒有看到有比較好的flickr外掛或API,以前香腸很愛用flickr,但現在圖片就丟圖床了,對於flickr的需求降低。雖說有方法可破除200張限制,但說真的實際用上頗麻煩。至於Picasa,現在只要你的Google帳號有開通Google Plus,那麼你的Picasa相簿中,2048×2048以下的照片不列入1GB的計算,使用上很方便!



SummerFest 2011 highlights – Sudbury News

Sudbury – Steve Earle and the Dukes, Lighthouse and April Wine rocked Bell Park at SummerFest Aug. 27.

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我們會把 15~64 歲的人口,定義作為工作年齡人口

一般來說,我們會把 15~64 歲的人口,定義作為工作年齡人口,而這個人口佔國家總人口的比例,就會是決定這個國家的經濟發展到底是負擔沉重呢還是前途光明

想要更了解人口對於經濟成長的影響,Miula Business Review 推薦一定要看以下兩篇文章 (實際上甚至可以把這篇文章當做該兩篇文章的續集來看) –



以下這張圖,是經建會依據目前台灣人口出生率,死亡率,以及移民數量做出來的 50 年推測。

不看還好,一看就令人驚心了。台灣目前的工作年齡人口,還在相當健康的 73%,但是預估在數年之後即將開始呈現穩定的下滑,到 2040 年會降到 57%,到 2056 年會降到 52%。而根據我們對於人口紅利的了解,一旦此數字呈現衰退,經濟是很難變好的,也就是說,雖然未來五到七年內,台灣還不需要擔心工作年齡人口比例降低的問題,但是大概到了 2015~17 年時,台灣的工作年齡人口對總人口比將會開始進入穩定下滑,而在 2025 年後開始進入劇烈下滑,而這樣的人口結構趨勢,勢必會造成經濟成長的重大影響,負面的。

換一張更清楚的圖來看看,讓我們更仔細的看看各年的數字,我們可以發現,台灣的工作年齡人口比率,會持續成長到 2012 年,到達 74.0% 到達最高峰,之後開始緩步下滑,直到2016年後開始呈現明顯下滑趨勢。

用比較溫和的說法,是 2016 後,台灣因為人口結構的改變,使得經濟成長欠缺動能。比較激烈的說法,就是 2016 年後,台灣經濟有可能陷入泥沼,欲振乏力。

下面這一張表是內政部戶政司於 2010 5 19 日 發表的台灣人口數值。

2009 年人口五歲年齡組分統計》

五歲年齡組分 人口數 減少人口 減少率 人口累計
0~4 1,014,183     1,014,183
5~9 1,287,899     2,302,082
10~14 1,539,529     3,841,611
15~19 1,612,140     5,453,751
20~24 1,616,155     7,069,906
25~29 1,972,704     9,042,610
30~34 1,949,382     10,991,992
35~39 1,814,291     12,865,306
40~44 1,873,314     14,738,620
45~49 1,900,661     16,639,281
50~54 1,735,813 164,848 9 % 18,375,094
55~59 1,460,034 275,779 19 % 19,835,128
60~64 872,403 587,631 40 % 20,422,759
65~69 763,297     21,186,056
70~74 618,529     21,804,585
75~79 495,463     22,300,048
80~84 340,252     22,640,300
85~89 153,221     23,093,521
90~94 46,484     23,140,005
95~99 10,751     23,150,756
100 以上 1,937     23,152,693


※看表可知,台灣人口數自 50 起開始下降。

五歲年齡組分 人口數 減少人口 減少率
45~49 1,900,661    
50~54 1,735,813 164,848 9 %
55~59 1,460,034 275,779 19 %
60~64 872,403 587,631 40 %

50 54 歲年齡組:比上一年齡組,下降一坡,下降率是 9%!
59 歲年齡組:再比上一年齡組,下降一坡,下降率是 19%

64 !  歲年齡組:比上一年齡組,有很明顯的下降,下降率是 40%

歲止的人口是 1,900,661 人,

歲止的人口是 872,403 人,

15 年之間 1,028,258 人不見了, 54% 的人口哪裡去了?


Fabulous Spanish Wines By An Online Wine Merchant From Norwich

Each year, fantastic wines leave Spain to travel around the world and are enjoyed by many. Spain is the third largest wine producing country in the world after France and Italy. Exportation has nearly doubled in the last five years partly due to the change in society in Spain after the death of dictator, Fransisco Franco in 1975, and strict quality control measures being put in place. These quality measures have helped put Spanish wines up there with wines produced from France and Italy.

There are nearly 70 wine regions throughout Spain growing 600 different grapes. One of the most famous Spanish wines are those of the Rioja region in northern Spain. Although it is said that wines from the Navarra region may well over take Riojas as the favourite as they are similar in quality but are more accessible in price.

When most people think of Spanish wines, they immediately think of Cava. They originated from the Catalonia region of Spain, although the name Cava wasn’t coined until the 70’s, and they are made in the same way as Champagnes from France. To tell if your Cava is authentic, check the cork which should boast a four pointed star.

Spain is also famous for its many vineyards open to the public. Wine tasting holidays are a great way to sample the delights of a range of new wines in a beautiful setting. There are 1200 vineyards in the Rioja region of Spain alone that are great to visit.

The Priorat region in Catalonia has changed from being almost unknown to producing some of the most expensive and sought after wines in Spain. They have become so popular mainly due to the power and ripeness of the grapes giving a very distinctive taste.

As time goes on, I am excited to see what other wines emerge from Spain, adding to our palates and introducing us to new flavours. In the meantime, why not be brave and ask for different wines in restaurants and bars. Most will be happy to recommend new and different wines to you. Why not see which Spanish wines suit your palate the best?

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The Perfect Wine is an independent online wine merchant based in Norwich, delivering to customers across the UK. Our wines come from excellent independent vineyards within 1,000 miles of Norwich and range in price from £5 to £15 (excluding Champagnes). As a small online wine merchant, we care about our clients and are happy to give advice about new wines to try. For local clients we can run wine tasting events, allowing you to trial wines before placing your order. For delicious wines at affordable prices, head to our website. Wine Merchant Norwich

全台40歲以下勞工薪資水準 竟與14年前持平 / 年薪破百萬是許多上班族的目標,但全台只有8%的人達成





原文網址: 全台40歲以下勞工薪資水準 竟與14年前持平 | 財經新聞 | NOWnews 今日新聞網







Manton Wineries

Manton Wineries donated great local wine for Shingletown medical Center’s Annual Fund. SMC’s 6th Annual Harwest Wine & Bre Fest

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Brandy wine creek


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Food and Wine – Red Wine

There is nothing worse than having a plate of food with a glass of wine that really don’t go together. This article will attempt to advise you of the different types of red wines available and the sorts of foods that they taste best with.

The rules to consuming wine and drink say that red wine is best served with red meats and cheeses. This is true the majority of the time, but during your adventures with wine you will find that there are exceptions to the rule. This article is just here to give you tips and suggestions which will get you started. You will soon get to know what you like the taste of and what you think works well together.

Let’s start with an easy one. Tapas. Tapas is Spanish for lid. This is because over the years Spanish people used a piece of bread to cover the top of their wine to keep the flies out of it. This piece of bread gradually became more than just a piece of bread, and developed into the amazing array of cheeses, sausages and other delicacies that we know tapas to be today. The best thing to drink with tapas is therefore wine. Wherever possible it should be a Spanish wine. (And if possible, a Rioja.) This is always a good tip: if eating a dish that is of a certain country, it is a good idea, where that country is a wine producer, to drink a wine from that country with the dish. Rioja is traditionally a red wine (although there are white versions available), and this does go really well with the sausages and cheeses that are typical of tapas fayre.

So what about other types of food? Well, if you have a thing for French cooking, French wine works well with it. But what type of French wine, I hear you ask. A French Pinot Noir, which is a great tasting red wine, is a must with game. Pigeon, grouse and pheasant are all complemented with this fine, rich tasting wine. Pinot noir is equally at home with fungi too. Something simple like a mushroom omelette with a good chunk of French bread is excellent with this red wine. And for a classic French dish, go for beef bourgignon, which wouldn’t be the same without a red wine such as a Pinot Noir to complement its richness.

For something a little more accessible in French red wine, there is a merlot. This is slightly more rich than a Pinot Noir, but is great with food too. It works well with slightly more peasant-like fayre: roast lamb, pasta with pesto, or just simply roasted vegetables taste great with this.

And if we are to head further south to Italy, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Chianti. This red wine works wonders with a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. Often seen as a jug wine, Chianti is a much underrated red wine, which is brilliant with rich Italian sauces.

So as you can see, there are many different red wines from many different countries. They all work well with a variety of different foodstuffs and I hope this article has given you some inspiration.

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Fiona Muller has been writing for over 20 years. She is a qualified journalist and has worked in food and drink writing for the last few years. For more information and a great range of wines to try, go to