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Biggie Smalls- Big Poppa (Lyrics)

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace Allow me to lace these lyrical duches in your bushes Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies The back of the club, sippin Moet, is where you’ll find me The back of the club, mackin hoes, my crew’s behind me Mad question askin, blunt passin, music blastin But I just can’t quit Cause one of these honies Biggie gots ta creep with Sleep with, keep the ep a secret why not Why blow up my spot cause we both got hot Now check it, I got more Mack than Craig and in the bed Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy No need to be greedy I got mad friends with Benz’s C-notes by the layers, true fuckin players Jump in the Rover and come over tell your friends jump in the GS3, I got the chronic by the tree Chorus: [I love it when you call me big pop-pa] Throw your hands in the air, if youse a true player [I love it when you call me big pop-pa] To the honies gettin money playin niggaz like dummies [I love it when you call me big pop-pa] If you got a gun up in your waist please don’t shoot up the place Cause I see some ladies tonight who should be havin my baby Bay-bee Verse Two: Straight up honey really I’m askin Most of these niggaz think they be mackin but they be actin Who they attractin with that line, "What’s your name what’s your sign" Soon as he buy that wine I just creep up from behind And ask what your interests are, who you be with Things to make you smile, what numbers to dial You gon’ be here for a while <b>…</b>

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Popular Types of Wine Storage Racks Available Today (Ezine Ready)

There are several different popular types of wine storage racks available today. If you have an interest in collecting and/or consuming various types of wine beverages, it is important to consider the basics of wine storage – especially the types of wine storage racks that you have to choose from. All throughout history – from the time of the ancient Romans to today’s modern Americans – the exquisite taste of wine has been enjoyed by millions. Many individuals enjoy collecting an assortment of wine types and others simply enjoy having a variety on hand to accommodate certain types of meals and even social events. Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to the most common types of wine storage racks used by individuals today. In today’s world of economic challenges, it is not at all common for an individual to discover that they have a limited amount of space to store their wine. For this reason, many wine storage units have been created to accommodate individuals that have a limited amount of space. These units are referred to as “Modular Wine Racks”. These types of racks are often composed of materials that are both flexible and durable – allowing the collector to store the highest amount of wine in the lowest amount of space possible. These units are created to hold as few as ten bottles of top quality wine to well over one hundred bottles of wine and come in a large variety of decorative choices. When choosing a wine storage unit that is modular based, you may choose from many different colors and styles. There are others that prefer wine storage racks that are both functional and decorative, but also take up a small amount of space. If you are one of these individuals, you may benefit from incorporating a table top wine storage rack into your home. These pieces stack a small amount of wine bottles in the most visibly appealing way possible and are created from a large number of materials. It is possible to find table top models available in plastic, wood, PVC, metal, and other types of products. If you are searching for an exquisite centerpiece for your table, wine storage racks that are excellent conversation starters, or an inexpensive option for storing your wine bottles, this is an excellent option. If you are interested in being a bit creative when displaying your wine collection and have an ample amount of space in your home, you may benefit from incorporating hanging wine storage racks in your home. These are large products that typically hang from the ceiling. However, there are many that simply hang from the wall in the home. They usually have a relatively large capacity that will permit you to not only hang many different bottles of wine, but may also provide you with the opportunity to organize your collection by date, style, type, and other designations. As you can see, when it comes to wine storage racks, you have many different options to choose from. Remember, the types highlighted in this guide are just the most popular types. There are several options available with it comes to wine storage racks for the home.

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There are others that prefer wine storage racks that are both functional and decorative, but also take up a small amount of space.

Orange Hill Productions Ft. Busy Signal, Kano & Fatman Scoop – Wine Da Best

Orange Hill Productions Ft. Busy Signal, Kano & Fatman Scoop – Wine Da Best

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Satiate your desire of making wine at home with Wine Making Kits (Ezine Ready)

Learning how to make wine can be a real fun for those who are ardent lovers of wines but it actually takes some knowledge with little preparation. Winemaking at home these days has become a popular hobby among all those who want to remain in touch with wines and various wine making procedures. However, making wine is an interesting process if you have a good recipe, requisite knowledge and required wine making accessories or home wine making equipments. To cater all these needs of wine-makers, there are a variety of Wine-Making Kits available in the market which usually consists of all the wine making products that one may require to start and finish wine making journey.

A wine making kit usually comes with an instructional manual that is easy to read and comprehend and it includes all necessary information. A home wine kit generally contains homemade wine recipes, wine making accessories, home wine making equipments and other required wine making products. Various wine making equipments that these kits contain are corks and corking, refractometer, bottle brush, filter kits, carboy, wine filter, rubber stoppers and caps, barrels, pitters, destemmer and testing equipments.

Once you are having your home wine kit, the wine production procedure is fairly simple but time consuming. Next step is to select your wine producing recipe and wine making supplies which include extracts of fruit, sanitizing solutions, flowers or vegetables, sealing wax shrink caps, acid test kits, etc. However, there are many recipes that people since ages have been employing to craft distinct wines but there are few simple basic steps that must be followed to craft wine at home. Some of the basic steps are mentioned below:

Picking the grapes
Crushing the grapes
Fermenting the juice
Bottling the wine

First of all, you need to extract the juice by pressing and crushing the picked up fruits or grapes, then add acids, sugar and yeasts. Next step is fermenting the grapes. After fermentation, pour the wine into the bottle and cork it. Last, but not the least, leave the bottle for aging of wine. It usually takes around five to six months for the wine to be ready to taste.

Thus keep on enjoying your wine making journey but make sure to have all required products and wine making supplies at your home so that you can end up with a delicious wine without any hassles. For more information visit:

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Artful Wine maker provides wine making products, wine gifts online in Ontario, Canada. Get tips for how to make wine at home and using wine making kits.

Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

You can drink red wine worry free with these red wine stain removal tips. Whether it’s a stain on your carpet or on your clothing, these tips will help you remove those pesky red wine stains.

Removing Red Wine from Your Carpet

There are a number of every day household items that will help you remove a red wine stain from your carpet. Many of these products can help if the stain is still wet or even if the stain has dried.

If the stain is still wet, you can soak it up with talcum powder, corn start or even table salt. All these of these products are able to quickly soak up the red wine and easily remove it from your carpet.

After you apply one of these three products, you’ll want to give it time to soak up the wine. Leave it on there for a couple of hours at a minimum to make sure all of the wine is out. You can also leave it on overnight.

If the stain is already dry, then you’ll need to get the stain wet again. You can do this by using club soda. Pour the club soda on the stain and then use one of the three household products mentioned above to soak up the wine.

Removing Red Wine from Your Clothing

Removing red wine from clothing can be just as easy. When you spill red wine on your clothes, the first thing to remember is to gently blot the red wine, do not try to ‘rub’ it out. This will only make the red wine sink deeper into the clothing.

Club soda is the product that most people use successfully to get the red wine stain out of their clothing. It’s readily available, especially if you are in a restaurant.

You can also try talcum powder, corn start or even milk. Take a small amount of the product and either dab or pour some of the product on your clothing for it to begin soaking up the red wine.

You can also use the club soda to rewet the stain if it’s dry before you are able to treat it.

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6418 Legacy, Corpus Christi, TX 78414

6418 Legacy Corpus Christi, TX Gene Guernsey & Associates Impeccable King’s Crossing Estate. Custom built four bedroom, 3 bathroom dream home. French doors. Wine room under stairs. Outside gas fire pit. Multiple burner Viking gas range and oven. Granite counter tops. Cherry cabinets. Outside gas grill with concrete countertops. 10 ft. ceilings.

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What Food Goes with Red Wine?

For years, there have been rules of what foods go best with wines. Many feel that beef is to only be paired with red wine and fish with white wines. However, the rules are slowly changing and have never stuck for some. Online stores like Wine Enthusiast and are great places to find out what foods go best with fine wines. Whether you are dining with those who stick closely to the rules or those who have no problem breaking them, there are some foods that will taste much better with this beverage.


A good steak, whether rare, medium rare or well done, pairs very well with red wine. The rich flavor of steaks as well as the richness of this protein filled meat is a great addition to any meal serving this drink. Some feel that it is best to cleanse the palette after a good steak, while others simply enjoy it with the aroma of steak and various cuts of beef. As an auxiliary tip, many have stated the the addition of freshly crushed peppercorns increase the sensitivity of taste buds and the red wine can enhance that physiological experience tenfold.

Pasta with Red Sauce

Many have always felt that hearty pastas with red or tomato sauces pair well with this beverage, however, not all agree with the reasons. So, many of these pastas dishes are paired with a meat sauce and the meat of choice is usually beef. However, many have pasta without the accompaniment of a meat sauce and say that the addition of the red sauce alone makes the dish a great pair for red wine. This is because the flavors and aromas in the pasta are very complimentary to the aroma.


When you have wine lovers over for a gathering, serving a cheese tray will always net good results. Cheese has been paired with this beverage for years, however, there are certain cheeses that go better with the red variety. Hard and hearty cheeses like parmigiano reggiano are great choices to supplement this drink. A few additional cheeses that work well with red wines are various cheddars, gruyere and swiss. Many feel that the acidity of cabernet sauvignon and merlot cuts through the sharp flavor of certain cheeses very well and that because these cheeses have sharp flavors, they can stand out well against the fruity flavor.

Many enjoy a glass of red wine on special occasions and from time to time in the home or with friends at small gatherings. It has been touted to have a medicinal effect and a bit from time to time has been said to be soothing for stomach ailments. Enjoying this beverage for these reasons and with the aforementioned foods will always net a great time.


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半路出家的品酒家 撼動全球葡萄酒產業 羅伯.派克 讓美國品味主宰葡萄酒市場

從2011年2月開始,葡萄酒教父羅伯.派克把評鑑加州葡萄酒的重責交給接班人Antonio Galloni,曾經撼動全球數十億美元葡萄酒產業的他,真的要慢慢退出這個他一手創造的王國嗎?


撰 文.孫維敏、楊卓翰、張 治  攝影.吳東岳、陳俊銘、林煒凱圖片提供:大同亞瑟頓、酒堡、張 治點進許多的葡萄酒網站,你都可以發現在酒款品項下方有著 WA、RP或是PP這類的英文標記,比如RP:九十五分至九十七分,下方可能再加上一些描述酒款特色的評語,比方「單寧細膩」、「酒體醇厚之類」的描述。



這 些代號都是代表出版︽葡萄酒代言人︾(The Wine Advocate)美國酒評家羅伯.派克(Robert Parker)的酒評分數(Parker’s Point),派克有「葡萄酒教父」、「葡萄酒帝王」稱號,他的酒評分數可以決定紅酒的價格,而他的刊物在葡萄酒界的影響力,自然不在話下。


難怪一篇《紐約客》(New Yorker)的諷刺漫畫中,派克穿著耶穌的袍子坐在山頂上,驕傲地拿著紅酒杯;山底下,酒莊老闆、酒商、投資人紛紛想爬到他身邊。對白寫著:「神啊!請告訴我這瓶酒幾分?」究竟一名半路出家的品酒家,如何撼動全球數十億美元的葡萄酒產業?



他 在畢業後進入巴爾的摩農業銀行(Farm Credit Bank of Baltimore)工作,不過,當派克在銀行做著無聊的工作時,全球的紅酒市場正經歷劇變。一九七六年,發生有名的巴黎品酒會判決。美國加州的酒商找了 法國的知名品酒師,對加州及法國的紅酒舉行盲飲測試(Blind Tasting)。出乎所有人的意料,結果美國紅酒大勝,引起了全球葡萄酒市場的大洗牌。︽時代雜誌︾(TIME)封面寫著「不可思議!加州擊敗法國!」 一二五年來,全球頂級五大酒莊的名單幾乎維持不動,而這個神話卻被美國加州的小酒莊打破。突然間,美國便宜的紅酒變得有吸引力。無名酒廠如雨後春筍般不斷 冒出,美國對酒的需求也瘋狂成長。



不 同於市面上文辭優雅的紅酒刊物,派克的雙月刊用字極簡,反映了他直截了當的美國人個性。例如,在一篇文章中,他形容一瓶酒「已經發臭,喝下去會危害健 康」,有力的敘述優劣立判。最關鍵的,派克用了一百分制來評鑑葡萄酒。這個計分系統,把酒的所有層次和特性,化為一個單一分數:比如六十五分到七十四分為 普通、八十分到八十九分為非常好,九十六分到一百分為非凡。




派 克用淺白方式、通俗易懂的話語來詮釋和評價葡萄酒,是他成功之處。與英國酒評家Hugh Johnson比起來,Johnson偏重在葡萄酒酒廠的悠遠歷史,但是派克只著重在葡萄酒的口感本身,他拿掉歷史光環,直接品嘗酒的口感,不重視是否有 名牌酒廠加持。林裕森強調,或許這就像是美式與英式的風格和偏好,英國強調精英口味和歷史光環,而美國則重視自我感受。










他指出,只要照著做,就能釀出最高分的酒。而號稱「紅酒整形師」的釀酒顧問,同時也是派克好友的米歇爾.羅蘭(Michel Rolland),收取高昂的顧問費,指導全球超過一百家酒莊如何釀出「好酒」。



退居幕後 接班人現身

因此英文中有句話說,「That’s Parker’s wine.」就是形容一品嘗就知道是派克會給高分的酒,因為這些「派克化」的紅酒利潤豐厚,使得全世界的酒,不論來自何地,嘗起來全都一樣。



派 克在二○○三年起,把義大利區的品酒工作交給接班人湯瑪斯(Danial Thomases)負責,讓他來打分數,引起市場譁然。一一年二月,派克更把加州地區的評鑑重責交給另一位接班人加洛尼(Antonio Galloni),退出品評加州紅酒。葡萄酒教父漸漸退出品酒界的意圖,已經相當明顯。今天,《葡萄酒代言人》的訂戶超過五萬人,但大家已經開始討論, 「沒有派克的葡萄酒產業會怎麼樣?」雖然有某些歐美酒評家或是葡萄酒評酒網站,比如Jancis Robinson、Steven Tamzer或是,也開始產生一定的影響力,但這些酒評家通常都只針對單一地區,不像派克是全面性的品 評各地區的葡萄酒,未來還有可能有第二位派克嗎?














派克把加州地區葡萄酒的評鑑重責交給加洛尼(Antonio Galloni)。




派克的品酒著重在酒款本身,不過卻忽略了和料理的搭配性,尤其對於法國人來說,釀酒是為了生活,酒款與料理搭配也很重要。但是不可諱言,派克給高分的酒 款味道過於濃郁,有時候要找到適合搭配的料理並不簡單。並且在這個葡萄酒世界中,口感醇厚是美,但是單薄細緻也是一種美!同時派克的分數也代表了美國主義 的風潮,你不可能忽略他。



林淑明每年都要赴法國試 酒,一天可以試到100款酒。雖然每試一瓶酒,她都在品味後立刻吐掉,酒精停留在口腔中的時間不會超過10秒,然後迅速記下自己的心得。但每天行程結束 後,她的嘴脣破裂,感覺疲累不堪。「品酒真的不是輕鬆的事情!」  派克的試飲分為三種,第一種是每年初春的「桶邊試飲」,各酒廠會將去年秋末採收的葡萄 釀製在橡木桶內初成雛形的酒,取出讓人試飲,派克會給範圍性的分數,比如,98到100或是90到91;第二種則是「樣本試飲」,經兩年橡木桶醇化之後, 酒商將裝瓶之後的酒款樣本寄到紐約給他,這時給的評分會較精準,有時葡萄酒的品質會出現變化,派克就會更正自己的分數;第三種是「老酒品評」,許多美國紅 酒大收藏家會邀請派克參加品酒,他會做成單一型錄分享給大家。派克《Bordeaux : a comprehensive guide to the wines produced from 1961~1997》一書,就是他這麼多年來品嘗後感想的結晶。

延伸閱讀:與派克沾邊 就成發燒物  愛酒人士將派克分數視為聖典般對待,他獲得全球業界的矚目並挽救無數酒廠於倒閉危機之中,一直頗受爭議的他,其實是喝著碳酸飲料長大的美國人,到底是什麼樣的環境與背景才能造成他的崛起?

本書作者Elin McCoy是資深的葡萄酒作家,她在1981年便認識派克,親眼目睹他的成名過程,可說是葡萄酒界的insider(局內人)。她在本書中詳細描述派克的 人格特質,並揭露了葡萄酒世界的祕密,告訴讀者如何釀造優質醇酒和葡萄酒評鑑、銷售及販售的種種內幕,極具話題性。





作者:艾倫‧麥考伊(Elin McCoy)




2011-7-18  TWM





二011年 06月二9日 【蘇曉音/台北報導】 葡萄酒鮮飲機自二006年引進台灣市場,讓消費者能以單杯價格試飲,突破葡萄酒須整瓶購買的限制,不過晚期多以低單價的酒為大宗。

明(30)日將在晶華旅社二樓開幕的美樽廊卻逆向行使,以法國波爾多1級酒莊佳釀参预單杯葡萄酒市場。 波爾多美酒40[/B]多款選擇[/B]美樽廊大中華區董事長兼總經理Angela透露表现:「波爾多1級酒莊的酒總讓人巨人感覺遙不成及,我們祈望透過單杯販售,讓消費者用比較輕鬆的價格品嘗1級酒莊佳釀的味道。」未來,美樽廊也將返回大陸設點,並藉在台灣的經驗行銷波爾多頂級葡萄酒。

店內供应40款以上單杯販售的品項,從波爾多1級到5級酒莊的酒都有,目前鮮飲機上最昂貴的紅酒是拉菲堡的Chateau Lafite Rothschild 二00八,單杯二5ml售價為3000元台幣,整瓶售價是八萬八000元。至於最貴的甜白酒,則是來自索甸區独1被列為特優1級的酒莊Chateau dYquem Sauternes 二00二,單杯二5ml售價970元,整瓶售價二萬4000元。

店內也有價格比較蔼然可亲的品項,以二級酒莊Chateau Pichon Comtesse de Lalande 二00八為例,就被國際有名酒評家Robert Parker讚為是這個酒莊多年來物超所值的年份之1,單杯二5ml售價150元,整瓶售價3000元。 哪裡買?[/B]美樽廊
11:00~二3:00 資料來源,二79/IssueID/二01106二9 【相關報導】寰球独1「波爾多紅酒銀行」進駐晶華旅社 :::品酒網:::法國5大酒莊頂級葡萄酒全部到齊BWB品酒窖像軍火庫| MSN 新聞頻道飲食就醬~ :: 隨意窩Xuite日誌 【飲酒過量‧有礙安康】

1245 Washington Blvd, Birmingham, MI – $1099000 1245 Washington Blvd Birmingham, MI 48009 Newer Construction In Birmingham Designed With A Formal Lr W/ Fp, Large Dr With Butler’s Pantry Leading To Brkfst Nook And Gourmet Granite Kitchen W/ Walk – In Pantry. Fr W/ Fireplace Open To Kit. Lb Off Foyer. Open And Airy Floor Plan. Master With Large Walk – In Closet And Euro Bath. Generous Bedroom Sizes With Baths And Walk – In Closets. Finished Ll With Wine Cellar, Butler’s Pantry With Ref. And Dw, Full Bath, Poss. 5th Bedroom Listed by Katherine Broock-Ballard (248-318-4504) – MAX BROOCK, REALTORS-BIRMINGHAM (248-644-6700)

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